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About Silo FX

Silo FX, established in 2007 by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Sean Leigh Hart and Devyn Hart, natives of Los Angeles, has carved its niche in the creative industry with a blend of technical prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. Sean, with his robust background as a broadcast engineer and extensive experience in post-production operations, seamlessly transitioned into the creative space, laying the foundation for Silo FX's innovative approach. Devyn brought her expertise in building business startups and producing content, complementing Sean's technical skills with strategic and creative oversight.

Together, they have steered Silo FX to remarkable heights, partnering with prestigious clients such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Discovery, Amazon, Netflix, and Riot Games. The company is renowned for its commitment to using cutting-edge technology in visual effects, gaming, animation, and motion graphics, now incorporating Unreal Engine to push the boundaries of digital storytelling even further. Silo FX is dedicated to transforming concepts into compelling content, overseeing projects from their inception to final delivery, and continuously setting new standards in the production landscape.

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